Freaks in the House Yukiko

Yukiko sux- aim was for her to be a total beyotch XD so yeah, h8 her cuz she h8s u. Also- pretty sure she's got some brain damage cuz she is all over the place


Dan's the dork that showed up in Yukiko's room and let hell break loose in her life. Three things to know about him: 1.) He knows a hellofa lot more than he lets on 2.) he does NOT hold liquer down well 3.) He doesnt age..... evur


Sho shows up just for the sake of h8ing dan-- he is deadly loyal to yukiko (cuz he wuz a slave n stuff) and is more than willing to beat teh shit outta anyone that messes with her. Way back when he was alive (the first time) he commit suicide.... as you can see-- that wasn't the end. too bad so sad